Hootz Gift Card

Hootz Gift Card

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Send the gift of crystal healing to your family and friends. Hootz was created for the purpose to uplift, assist and empower all who wear our handmade crystal healing jewelry on their healing journey.

Hootz quality chakra bracelets are reinforced with durable materials, including stretch cord and nickle-free brass alternatives or other custom accents. Our crystal beads and genuine gemstones are sourced from around the world. Each crystal, stone and mineral used in our custom designs are purposefully selected for gemstone quality and chosen for their rarity, unique look and high vibration healing properties.

Our crystal jewelry meets you on your healing journey to help assist in areas where you need it most. Feel beautiful, confident and empowered when you wear Hootz Healing. Each handmade bead and chakra bracelet is charged with love and healing intention. Quality you expect with the crystal jewelry looks you love.

Produced in the SUNSHINE STATE